Management Information Systems

1. ______________. focuses on planning, policies, and procedures regarding the use of corporate data and information.

  1. CIO
  2. systems analyst
  3. database administrator
  4. system operator
Correct answer: (A)

2. The extent to which technology permeates an area or department is called ______________.

  1. Technology diffusion
  2. Technology infusion
  3. Technology collusion
  4. Technology fusion
Correct answer: (A)
Technology diffusion

3. ______________ is any business-related exchange such as payments to employees, sales to customers, or payments to suppliers.

  1. Data
  2. E-commerce
  3. A transaction
  4. Input
Correct answer: (C)
A transaction

4. ______________ is software programs that were developed for a general market and that can be purchased in a store.

  1. Proprietary software
  2. Off-the-shelf software
  3. Contract software
  4. Application software
Correct answer: (B)
Off-the-shelf software

5. ______________ converts ciphertext back into plaintext.

  1. Encryption
  2. A firewall
  3. Decryption
  4. An encoder
Correct answer: (C)

6. With the ______________ form of data processing, each transaction is processed immediately.

  1. OLTP
  2. batch processing
  3. active processing
  4. automated transaction processing
Correct answer: (A)

7. Using ______________ a decision maker can make hypothetical changes to problem data and observe the impact on the results

  1. Simulation
  2. What-if analysis
  3. Optimization
  4. Goal-seeking analysis
Correct answer: (B)
What-if analysis

8. ______________ involves the investigation of new approaches to existing problems.

  1. Systems analysis
  2. Creative analysis
  3. Critical analysis
  4. Organizational analysis
Correct answer: (B)
Creative analysis

9. Whose responsibility is it to see that the potential consequences of IS use are fully considered?

  1. IS professionals
  2. managers
  3. users
  4. all of the above
Correct answer: (A)
IS professionals

10. The first stage in the problem-solving process is called the ______________ stage. During this stage, potential problems or opportunities are identified and defined.

  1. Choice
  2. Design
  3. Monitoring
  4. Intelligence
Correct answer: (C)
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