Management Information Systems

11. Which of the following is NOT a goal of transaction processing systems?

  1. Capture, process, and store transactions
  2. Produce a variety of documents related to routine business activities
  3. Reduce manual effort associated with processing business transactions
  4. Produce standard reports used for management decision making
Correct answer: (D)
Produce standard reports used for management decision making

12. ______________ is a protocol that enables you to copy a file from another computer to your computer.

  1. SLIP
  2. Usenet
  3. Telnet
  4. FTP
Correct answer: (D)

13. According to the ______________ theory, organizations adapt to new conditions or alter their practices over time.

  1. Change model
  2. Organizational learning
  3. Organizational culture
  4. Continuous improvement
Correct answer: (D)
Continuous improvement

14. ______________ organizational structure employs individuals, groups, or complete business units in geographically dispersed areas who may never meet face to face in the same room.

  1. traditional
  2. virtual
  3. multidimensional
  4. matrix
Correct answer: (B)

15. ______________ is a collection of single-application software packages in a bundle designed to work similarly so that once you learn the basics for one application, the other applications are easy to learn and use.

  1. Bundled software
  2. Software suite
  3. Productivity applications
  4. General purpose software
Correct answer: (B)
Software suite

16. The data processing activity that involves rekeying miskeyed or misscanned data is called ______________.

  1. editing
  2. data storage
  3. data correction
  4. data collection
Correct answer: (C)
data correction

17. The component of a decision support system that provides decision makers access to a variety of models and assists them in decision making is called the ______________.

  1. Model base
  2. model management software
  3. database
  4. dialogue manager
Correct answer: (C)

18. ______________ is a form of transaction processing in which all transactions are collected into a group and processed together.

  1. Accumulation processing
  2. Batch processing
  3. Data collection
  4. Data collection
Correct answer: (B)
Batch processing

19. Information systems that support the firm in its interaction with its environment are said to be performing within the ______________.

  1. Workgroup sphere of influence
  2. Global sphere of influence
  3. Enterprise sphere of influence
  4. Individual sphere of influence
Correct answer: (C)
Enterprise sphere of influence

20. ______________ are individuals who help users determine what outputs they need from the system and construct the plans needed to develop the necessary programs that produce these outputs.

  1. Data entry operators
  2. Programmers
  3. Database administrators
  4. Systems analysts
Correct answer: (D)
Systems analysts
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