Brand Management

11. An effective advertising campaign:

  1. Revolves around a strong single idea
  2. Should appeal to self interest of customer
  3. Must not wander off
  4. All of the given options

Correct answer: (D)
All of the given options

12. Brand assets include:

  1. The name of the brand
  2. Reputation, relevance, and loyalty
  3. Less quality complaints
  4. All of the given options

Correct answer: (B)
Reputation, relevance, and loyalty

13. Brand picture is based on which one of the following?

  1. Brand value
  2. Brand mission
  3. Brand vision
  4. Brand image

Correct answer: (D)
Brand image

14. Delivery services offered by restaurants and other food chains in our market on phone calls are examples of:

  1. Sales promotion
  2. Direct marketing
  3. Publicity
  4. Personal selling

Correct answer: (B)
Direct marketing

15. Duration of _________ should be short and should not be repeated too often.

  1. Sales promos
  2. Market promos
  3. Brand promos
  4. Product promos

Correct answer: (A)
Sales promos

16. If a company introducing a new brand under the source brand or endorsing brand strategy to gain the benefits of brand power, you again are in a position to charge a _________.

  1. Premium price
  2. Skimming price
  3. Market based price
  4. Retail price

Correct answer: (A)
Premium price

17. Marketers need to position their brands clearly in target customers' minds. The strongest brands go beyond attributes or benefit positioning. They are positioned on the basis of whichof the following?

  1. Desirable benefit
  2. Good packaging
  3. Strong beliefs and values
  4. Service inseparability

Correct answer: (C)
Strong beliefs and values

18. Mostly, the major source of power throughout the distribution channel is:

  1. The company
  2. The brand
  3. The distributor
  4. The customer

Correct answer: (B)
The brand

19. PIA runs a series of television commercials that show its staff going out of their way to help customers. An important secondary audience for these ads is:

  1. The civil aviation authority
  2. Competitors
  3. PIA employees
  4. All air travelers

Correct answer: (C)
PIA employees

20. The brand stature construct is equivalent to:

  1. Esteem multiplied by knowledge
  2. Differentiation multiplied by knowledge
  3. Knowledge multiplied by relevance
  4. Esteem multiplied by differentiation

Correct answer: (A)
Esteem multiplied by knowledge

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