Advertising and Sales Promotion

51. ______________ is well suited to highly targeted marketing efforts and to building one-to-one customer relationships.

  1. Advertising
  2. Public relations
  3. Sales promotion
  4. Direct marketing
Correct answer: (D)
Direct marketing

52. Marketing management must make four important decisions when developing an advertising program. All of the following would be among those decisions EXCEPT:

  1. Setting advertising objectives.
  2. Setting the advertising budget.
  3. Setting procedures for an advertising culture audit.
  4. Developing advertising strategy.
Correct answer: (C)
Setting procedures for an advertising culture audit.

53. When Avis positioned itself against market-leading Hertz by claiming, "We're Number two, so we try harder," it was using which of the following forms of advertising?

  1. Informative advertising
  2. Psychological advertising
  3. Reminder advertising
  4. Comparative advertising
Correct answer: (D)
Comparative advertising

54. The word advertising is means turning of ______________ to something.

  1. Desire
  2. Attraction
  3. Attention
  4. Interest
Correct answer: (C)

55. An appeal is the ______________ of an advertisement

  1. Theme
  2. Image
  3. Color
  4. Information
Correct answer: (A)

56. The series of action to attain media objectives is ______________

  1. Media planning
  2. Media strategy
  3. Media selection
  4. Media buying
Correct answer: (A)
Media planning

57. The ads which are beyond the consciousness of the audience are______________

  1. Subliminal
  2. Obscene
  3. Misleading
  4. Appealing
Correct answer: (A)

58. Merchandise allowance is a ______________ technique

  1. Consumer promotion
  2. Trade promotion
  3. Sales force promotion
  4. Media promotion
Correct answer: (B)
Trade promotion

59. The space and time for advertisement are bought from ______________

  1. Advertising agency
  2. Media
  3. Customer
  4. Manufacturer
Correct answer: (B)

60. Advertising is subject to ______________

  1. Social norms
  2. Group norms
  3. Company norms
  4. None of these
Correct answer: (A)
Social norms
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